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Matching purple lace bra and undwear panty set

Proper Fit

Surprisingly, many women’s health problems such as skin irritations under the breast, headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain along with poor posture can be contributed to wearing an ill-fitting bra. And, unfortunately, studies have shown that 80% (or more) of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. The biggest mistake is wearing a band size too large and a cup size too small. Bra size also varies from one manufacturer to another.


Breast sizes change over time due to natural variations such as weight gain/loss, hormones, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, nursing, and breast implants or reductions. The breast is not a muscle: it is a delicate glandular tissue. Whether large or small, it needs to be properly supported, especially as we age.

Before and after being professionally fitted with a bra

“A poorly fitted bra is uncomfortable,

unflattering and can be harmful to your health.”

Your Perfect Fit Brochure

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My mom and I were in your shop and I purchased three bras. I wanted to tell you that two people have already asked me if I lost weight – all thanks to my new bras! Thanks so much for all your time and patience with us during the fitting. It was an enjoyable experience for both my mother and me. 

Cecile, Falls Church, Va.

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